Afternoon Tea Basics and How to Set It Up in Spring

Tea is one of the most popular after drinks around the world and this can be validated with the many tea variations present in most, if not all countries globally. Considered as an occasion that is popular among ladies, there are basics that every tea enthusiast must know. Here we’ll be introducing afternoon tea and we’ll be talking about how afternoon tea differs from high and low tea.

Historically speaking, it is said that the Duchess of Bedford in the mid-1800s started the trend of having afternoon tea parties. Through the years tea parties have changed and developed in many ways and confusion is quite common. So let’s clarify a few things.

Some people think that Afternoon tea is considered as “high tea,” which happens a little after 5pm and serves tea with meals including meat, fish, veggies, etc. but in truth, afternoon tea is “low tea.” Low tea happens in the middle of the afternoon and serves light snacks such as sandwiches, scones, and cakes and is served on low tables with tea, traditionally.

Spring afternoon tea is where things get very floral. From décor, to table setting, to the menu, afternoon tea in spring gives you a fun, fresh take on the usual afternoon tea ceremony. When it comes to the dress code, women are allowed to wear dresses of their liking, of course nothing too revealing ad there are a lot of places that allow you to wear smart casual for men. The kind of tea served for high and low tea. There is also the option of using whole-leaf tea, loose-leaf tea, and some may even try teabags in modern times. The type of tea served in these occasions have a big difference on the overall taste your guests will have but the most commonly served in an afternoon tea in spring is Earl Grey tea, and black tea to name a few.

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