March Mad Hatter's Tea Party: 3 Teas I Would Have At My Tea Party!

Everyone has heard of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter's tea party! The whimsical guests, scrumptious treats, and beautiful teapots and teacups make the whole scene in the movie more delicious! 

Mad Hatter's Tea Party 2019 - Pop Up Restaurants and Events

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My dream is to have a tea party as amazing as this scene! What is even crazier than that... is that its possible!! To start, I would have to pick the perfect tea blends for my amazing guests! 

Here are the 3 tea blends I would have at my tea party for the spring time:


1. Wildflowers Oolong

My favorite part of spring time is not only afternoon tea, it's the amazing flowers as well! The beautiful colors of Spring are shown in this wonderful tea blend! This blend is very light, and does not overpower your palette for other teas on the way! 

2. Arctic Raspberry

Arctic Raspberry would bring flavor to any tea party! My favorite part about this blend is how delicious it is iced! To add some dimension to my party, I would serve this blend in a pitcher that's nice and cold! This blend is a mixture of black tea, mango, rosehip, raspberry, and rose, making it an amazing sweet addition.

3. Lemon Honeysuckle

Lastly, I would serve Lemon Honeysuckle to clear the palette and maintain digestive health. The tropical fruit flavors like mango and apple create a lovely flavor for this antioxidant rich tea. This is my last tea I would add because of the yummy lemon flavors as well as its light and refreshing! 


These 3 tea blends plus the amazing tea party service we are soon to offer in the beginning of April will make my Mad Hatter tea party dreams come true! We are also soon to offer a mobile tea bar that will allow you to share our tea with many guests at an event or tea party! Dessert is also an add on if you would want that! 

I hope you have an amazing beginning to your early spring time while the weather in Colorado is 60-70 degrees! Go outside, visit with your friends, and be present! Thank you for reading :)

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