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Gratitude Bag
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Gratitude Bag

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Gratitude Bag - Note Pad and Pen Hummingbird

Gratitude Bag with Note Pad & Pen Set - Set includes a 100% Cotton Bag with 3” x 4” Note Pad, and matching Pen. Gratitude information printed on the back of each bag. Hang on bedpost, door knob or place in the nightstand drawer. Size of Bag area: 7” x 8”

Quote on Back - Everyday brings something we can be grateful for.  It is the small pleasures when someone or something gives you joy or touches your soul.  At the end of the day, write down one such moment of gratitude and place in the bag.  During those challenging times, when life seems overwhelming or you just need a boost, reach inside your bag and pull out a reminder of your many blessings, knowing that the blue sky is always there, the clouds are only temporary and the sun will shine again.

By cultivating your seeds of gratitude you will:
  • Create feelings of happiness
  • Reduce stress
  • Attract more positive experiences